2018 Yamaha Aerox For Rent
Scooters and Motorbikes for Rent Rawai
2018 Yamaha Aerox For Rent

Yamaha Aerox R 155cc For Rent

  • Fully automatic gearbox, just twist the throttle and go.
  • The Yamaha Aerox boasts a 155cc 4-valve automatic blue core engine coupled with a smart motor generator that starts the engine faster and more quietly.
  • Full water cooling system with a die-cast cylinder, the dielectric strength is better than that of a full-torque die cast.
  • The sporty 14-inch large rear tyre on the Yamaha Aerox has a 140 mm wide grip for a good traction on the road, giving you superior control.
  • When you rent an Aerox you will appreciate the huge 25 litre under seat storage
  • Full digital display and USB charger for mobile phones.
  • The Yamaha Aerox is also equipped with front and rear LED lights, powerful front wave disc brake and a very comfortable seat.
  • Low Km motorbikes
  • All our Yamaha Nmax's are serviced on schedule by the main Yamaha dealer. You may ask to see the service record before renting.
  • All our Yamaha Nmax's under go a multi point check before being offered for re-rental.

Yamaha have created a superior sports motorbike scooter to the aging Honda PCX 150 in every way.

Rent your 155c Yamaha Aerox today in Rawai - Chalong - Sai Yuan and Nai Harn Beach


2018 Yamaha Aerox 155cc Motorbike Rental Rates:

  • Per Day Yamaha Aerox Hire
  • Aerox Rent 300 TBH
  • 300 TBH Per Day
  • Per Week Yamaha Aerox Hire
  • Yamaha Aerox Rent 1925 TBH
  • 275 TBH Per Day
  • Yamaha Aerox Hire Per Month
  • Aerox Rent 7500 TBH
  • 250 TBH Per Day

Starting From TBH 250.00 per Day

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