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So, you have booked your holiday in Phuket and are planning on hiring a scooter or motorbike?

Whilst you will find that most motorbike hire companies are the same price, how can you be sure that you are getting value for money?

Two rental shops may be the same price for a week’s rental, but the quality of the motorbikes and scooters for rent may differ widely.

A tired old high mileage bike will suffer both on power delivery and more importantly fuel economy.
Whilst you may have saved 25 baht per day on the rental price you may lose three times that amount in gasoline!

Introducing the Honda PCXOld Honda PCX

Let’s have a look at a popular rental in Rawai Beach and Nai Harn Beach in Phuket, the Honda PCX.  This motorbike has been around a while with engine sizes of 125cc and 150cc. There are easy to spot tell-tale signs on the Honda PCX which are dead giveaway to its age.

The older PCX models have a rather uncomfortable hump on the seat and the panels may look tired and faded. This model was produced from 2009 until 2013. See the red PCX on the right.

2Honda PCX revised 2013-2016013 - 2016 Honda PCX

Newer Honda PCX's don't have the hump on the seat but they may still be up to 4 years old.

The PCX got a more efficient engine in 2013 and an increased engine capacity from 125 to 150cc. And guess what, that uncomfortable seat hump got taken away.

Latest Honda PCX Model

New 2016 Honda PCX Controls - Value for money rental So, to get full value for money and ensure you are renting a good roadworthy motorbike, look at the front panel near where the ignition key goes in. Late 2016 saw the PCX get a few extra goodies.

The latest PCX has a very handy control knob for opening the fuel filler and seat, plus a charging point for mobile phones. Top stuff, and how about 100 mpg and a larger fuel tank?