Motorcycle Quality Control Technician

The position will ideally suit a qualified motorbike mechanic.

None of our fleet of motorbikes have ever broken down, all our motorbikes are meticulously maintained on schedule as per Honda and Yamaha specifications with genuine Honda and Yamaha parts.

We are not the cheapest rental Company on the island and never will be, our discerning customer base prefer to rent reliable, good looking, safe well maintained motorbikes; and that is what we give them!

On a daily basis you will perform multi point checks upon the return of a motorbike before it can be offered for rental, to include:

• Check fuel level in fuel tank.
• Refuel if necessary.
• Check fuel line for leakage.

Engine oil
• Check oil level in engine.
• If necessary, add recommended oil to specified level.
• Check vehicle for oil leakage.

Final transmission oil
• Check vehicle for oil leakage.

Front brake
• Check operation.
• If soft or spongy, bleed hydraulic system.
• Check brake pads for wear.
• Replace if necessary.
• Check fluid level in reservoir.
• If necessary, add specified brake fluid to specified level.
• Check hydraulic system for leakage.

Rear brake
• Check operation.
• Lubricate cable if necessary.
• Check lever free play.
• Adjust if necessary.

Throttle grip
• Make sure that operation is smooth.
• Check throttle grip free play.
• If necessary, adjust throttle grip free play and lubricate cable and grip housing.

Control cables
• Make sure that operation is smooth.
• Lubricate if necessary.

Wheels and tires
• Check for damage.
• Check tire condition and tread depth.
• Check air pressure.
• Correct if necessary.

Front brake lever

• Make sure that operation is smooth.
• Lubricate lever pivoting point if necessary.

Rear brake lever
• Make sure that operation is smooth and rear brake lever lock pin properly latches
and releases.
• Lubricate lever pivoting point and lever lock pin if necessary.

Centerstand, sidestand

• Make sure that operation is smooth.
• Lubricate pivots if necessary.

Chassis fasteners •Make sure that all nuts, bolts and screws are properly tightened.
• Tighten if necessary.

Instruments, lights, signals and switches
• Check operation.
• Correct if necessary.

Shock Absorber Condition
• Check for damage.
• Check fork seals.
• Check rebound performance.

Check if a service interval is due

Finally Road Test

Salary Negotiable

Social Security

Thai National Only