Rental Motorbike Insurance in Thailand

All rental motorbikes in Thailand have to be covered by CPTL Compulsory Government Insurance.

The insurance cover is pretty limited by western standards and does not cover the driver for damage to the motorbike or scooter in the case of an accident.

It all does not cover the driver for third party damage. For example if you are involved in an accident with a car and the accident is your fault, you will be liable to pay for the damage to the car and the motorbike.

It is also impossible for motorbike rental Companies to secure adequate cover for rental motorbike and scooters under an annual insurance policy.

However insurance experts Siam Solution offer additional voluntary cover for yourself and a passenger for the duration of your motorbike rental in Thailand.

You do not have to rent a motorbike from Enigma Phuket to take out the additional voluntary insurance.

Siam Solutions offer additional voluntary insurance cover for your rental motorbike

Cover starts from just 150 thai baht per day. See the benefits below.

Voluntary Insurance for motorbikes for rent