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So you have your snorkelling equipment and are itching to get in the water!

The first job is to spit onto the lense of the mask and rub it over the surface of the lense.

Then rinse with sea water.

Yes it may sound disgusting but it is quite normal practice.

If you omit this step your mask will fog in the water and you won't be able to see much. The mask will fog due to to the humid air released from your nose inside the mask.

Finally position the mask on your face and pull the strap back over your head and adjust the straps for comfort.

Avoid touching marine life with your hands and feet whilst you are in the water, some species of corals can sting resulting in a rash. Also it is worth wearing a t shirt or heavy duty waterproof sun screen to avoid sunburn whilst snorkelling.

Looking after the mask.

Please take care of your snorkelling rental gear. It is high quality gear! After use please wash with fresh water as soon as possible and stow the mask back in it's box. Please do not put the mask down on sand or rocks as the lenses may get scratched.

All our snorkelling rental equipment has been sterilized before being offered for re-hire.

The local snorkelling beaches in Phuket

Ya nui Beach

Snorkelling at Yanui Beach is one of the best in the southern Phuket area with a large diversity of marine life. There are plenty of small marine fish and also large colourful parrot fish and wrasse species. There are hard and soft corals too. The hard corals at Ya Nui Beach are mainly acropora and montipora species. Look carefully and you will also find colourful clams. Sometimes you may spot the odd octopus

Snorkelling at Yanui beach is not recommended at low tide as the water level can be quite low. There are two good entry points into the water which are relatively rock free. One is in the middle of the short length of the beach and the other is to the right of the long stretch of beach.

Ao Sane Beach

Snorkelling at Ao Sane beach is also pretty good too. The best area is infront of and to the right of the restaurant. You will find the same species of fish and coral here as at Ya nui.