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Rawai Beach is in the South of Phuket and a popular tourist spot for those who seek a more relaxed atmosphere than the hustle and bustle of Patong.

Not only is there Rawai beach to explore, but Nai Harn Beach, Yanui Beach, Ao Sane beach and Chalong along with Promtep Cape are just a stones throw away!

Rawai beach isn't really a swimming beach, though it's a great place to chill out and enjoy the view of Bon Island and the long tail boats moored in the bay. The most popular beaches for swimming and sunbathing are Nai Harn Beach, Yanui Beach and Ao sane beach. Yanui and Ao Sane have great snorkeling too!

Take a long tail boat to the quiet small beach at Bon Island and it will cost about 1000 baht return. Pre arrange your pick up time or give the long tail boat owner a call. It's quite possible you may have the small beach to yourself. Coral island is behind Bon Island, expect to pay a bit more, and it will be busy.

Eating Out

There are many restaurants in Rawai catering for not just Thai cuisine but most other world food too. 

There are restaurants to accommodate all budgets. Turn left immediately at Rawai pier and you will find a few souvenir shops adjourning the unmade road before reaching  a small fish market. All the fish are fresh along with various shellfish, squid, crabs, prawns and live lobsters.

After purchasing your chosen fruit of the sea, you may take it home or just walk across the road and have it cooked for you in one of the restaurants for a small fee.

Turn left coming out of Rawai pier and a few hundred meters down the road you will find Nikkita’s. An excellent choice on the menu and you can sit right next to the sea and enjoy your meal. Favorite for myself is the lamb shank served with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

Continue past Nikkita’s along Rawai beach and just opposite Family Mart and the currency exchange shop turn left down the little slip road. This will take you towards the boat launching slipway where you will find a few restaurants.

A favorite place of mine to enjoy Thai food at reasonable prices. Plus, you can sit right next to the sea and enjoy a cold beer! I tend to stick with the same restaurant, look for the one called Naat Restaurant striped wallpaper inside.  Pretty much bang in the middle of them all. I have eaten there sometimes twice per day for years without issue. You will be greeted by a lady from Chiang Mai, with a big smile. Google Maps Naat Restaurant


English BreakfastThe best English breakfast by far is dished up by a small restaurant called Nickys Restaurant along Saiyuan Road. Perfect for sorting out the hangover from the night before. Google map for Nickys

Another favorite restaurant serving Thai food is MoM Restaurant. You can't really beat this for value. The prices are cheap and the portions are pretty awesome. Google map for MoM Restaurant


There are many bars along the Wiset Road to party the night away in.  If you are on a budget, possibly best to stick with local beers such as Chang etc as the imported beers can be expensive. There is also the Laguna complex which is very popular. Full of bars where you can also play pool before partying the night away in the Laguna nightclub which opens at 2.00 am.


Rawai gym  is a two floor gym with free weights, machines and the usual tread mills, bike and rowing machines. Popular with all ages it is just 100 baht per session. It will cater for the bodybuilder, there are plenty of weight plates from 5lb to 50lb. Find Rawai gym on the Wiset Road heading from Rawai pier to Chalong. It will be on your right hand side after you pass the Sea Shell Museum. A yearly membership is just 9000 baht. 

Muay Thai

Fancy having a go at thai boxing, there are quite a few camps in Rawai.


Some good snorkeling to be enjoyed in the vicinity of Rawai. See the snorkeling page.

Kite School

Bobs Kite School is a stones throw away from our rental showroom. Kite boarding is a thrilling surface water sport combining aspects of wake boarding, windsurfing and surfing, into one sport. A kite boarder harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water on a kite board.


Plenty of massage shops in Rawai offering different types of massage. By all means try a thai massage, but I personally enjoy a more sedately oil massage. It pretty much goes without saying that you will need to be in the buff for that one unless you want oil on your undergarments. Simply undress and lay face down. Just in case you are not particularly gifted, modesty front and back will be protected by a sheet when the massage woman comes in, so don't worry too much.  If you are looking for a special massage or happy ending massage, you are probably in the wrong place as 99 per cent of the massage shops in Rawai are not in that line or work. If you have never had a happy ending massage watch the video and see what you get. Expect to pay 300 - 350 baht for a decent oil or thai massage.


Rawai pier is a popular location with local Thais. The water isn't deep by any means so pay attention to the tides. There is a fishing shop. just past Rawai gym. Try squid, prawns, or mackerel as bait from the fish market by the pier, or the weekly market up Wiset Raod. You can aslo arrange a boat fishing trip with one of the long tail boat owners along Rawai Beach quite cheaply.