The Yamaha Aerox has been described as the coolest sports scooter ever.

The Yamaha Aerox has been described as the coolest sports scooter ever.

Everyone who has rented a Yamaha Aerox from our Rawai Phuket showroom sings nothing but praise.

We have purchased six Yamaha Aerox in the last six months, and they are always in high demand.

The Aerox has been branded the coolest sports scooter ever.

It is, but not only is it the coolest, it is possibly the safest..............


The Aerox has oversize tires for a 155cc motorbike, but not only does it make the Aerox look cool, it makes it much safer than its rivals too.
Tires not only provide traction for accelerating, braking and turning, but also serve as a part of the suspension. The tires soak-up the first part of the impact from bumps, before the fork and shock absorbers even begin to work.  The Aerox has as much rubber touching the road as a 300cc sports bike.
That's great because not only is handling improved over its 150cc rivals, there is less chance of those fat boots breaking free under heavy breaking.  I never go with fat boots in Thailand, but if they are on a motorbike wheel, then I am there with bells on.


Yamaha haven't cut corners on the suspension. There are two rear shock absorbers, not just one as on a lot of the 125cc scooters. That's good. Very good. The rear suspension is quite stiff, so when your 100kg beef burger munching buddy sits on the back, the back end doesn't squat and beg for mercy. That means that the front tire also retains its grip with the road.
Ride this scooter alone and you will really appreciate how solid and stable it is on twisty Phuket roads.  It sticks to the road like sh1t to a blanket. There are no front-end wobbles, the front end shocks take everything in their stride.


With 155cc it has to be the best scooter in its class, beating the rival Honda PCX. The Aerox is equipped with the next generation blue core engine with variable valve technology. Variable Variable Valve Actuation" (VVA) makes the engine's pulling performance more powerful.
VVA technology maintains maximum power and torque at every engine speed. So if you are a bit like me and haven't quite grown up yet where motorbikes are concerned, it means you can consistently be the first away from the traffic lights with a cheesy grin under your helmet! That extra bit of responsive power can also get you out of trouble too.

Braking System

The brakes on the Aerox are pretty awesome for a 155cc utomatic motorbike.

At the front you will find a pretty large single pot piston caliper in conjunction with a 220mm ventilated disc.

At the rear is a conventional drum brake. Both are re-assuring.

The Aerox has stopping power that leaves underwear spotlessly clean.

On Aerox

Ok so we are on Aerox. Totally addicted to Aerox. I need my shot of Aerox everyday. Even my thai staff are on Aerox. But what else has it got?

Full Digital Display

The Aerox dash brings smiles to many. It's a bit like switching on the Christmas tree lights. Everything is clearly visible, speed, fuel and rpm. It even has a clock. Everyone loves a nice looking clock and I just love showing mine off. Most other scooters and motorbikes from 125cc to 150cc don't have a clock. The digital dash also features a trip meter, liters of fuel per km, (how does 50km on one liter sound) and battery voltage display.
The digital dashboard looks sexy. How can a digital dashboard look sexy? Trust me its sexy. Stocking and suspenders are sexy. Model Irina Shayk is sexy. All three bring a wicked smile to my face.

Under Seat Storage

The Aerox has pretty large underseat storage. It will take a helmet and other bits and pieces with ease. It's great for going shopping.

I have been known to drink beer. It's a man thing. I don't drink and drive but I do go shopping for beer.

If I were to empty the cans out in the seat compartment then I would get more in. 25 liters to be precise. 25 liters is a lot of storage space, and also a lot of beer.

Mobile Phone USB Charging Socket

The Aerox has a handy USB charging outlet for your mobile phone or tablet, although the head charger and cable are not included with the motorbike.

Super Bright LED Lights

Not only does the Yamaha Aerox look great from the front and the back, it is also endowed with super bright LED head and tail lights.

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